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Herbal Wellness Inside and Out with Wild Origin’s Anikó Zala

When conventional methods didn’t help Anikó Zala’s health issues, she turned to herbs and never turned back. Since then, she’s furthered her herbal education, built a business and is now teaching and helping others learn about the power herbs can have on the body - inside and out. Lucky for us, Anikó will be teaching three classes at the Herb Center, including “Herbs for the Feminine” this Saturday (Feb 22.) We were able to chat with her about herbs, her business and more details on those upcoming classes.

What is the name of your business? Wild Origins

What do you specialize in? I teach workshops for curious people about the magic, practicalities, and pure pleasures of working with herbs and offer quality herbal alternatives to mainstream products.

How did your passion for this come about? Like many people, my passion for working with herbs started with a health crisis that conventional medicine couldn’t help me with.

What inspired your story? It was a single tincture that started me on my path from debilitation to vibrancy.

What is your mission? I aim to connect people with the earth based practices of their ancestors.

Professionally, what are you most proud of? One of my recent curiosities has been how plants can help us integrate emotional pain and grief. I developed a line of body oils with this research in mind and have gotten wonderful feedback from people about them.

What do you hope your customers/students/public take away? It is both easy and endlessly satisfying to incorporate herbalism into one’s everyday life.

What makes your story/products unique? I think my background in education helps me to offer information in ways that are easily accessible.

Where can people find you/your work or products online? Facebook

Check out Aniko’s Ohio Herb Center Classes:

Herbs for the Feminine When: Saturday, February 22, 2020 from 1-2:30 pm

Description: The art of gathering plants and making medicines was within the realm of women for thousands of years. So many of us want to reconnect with the nourishment and magic of healing plants but don't know where to start. Plants can offer incredible support for women at any point in their reproductive cycles - menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and menopause. This is a powerful place to start working with plants. This workshop, taught by Aniko of Wild Origins, focuses on tasting and learning about herbs that are particularly beneficial for female bodies, from balancing hormones, easing cramps or labor pains, and more. Participants will take home loose leaf tea made from an herb they connected with during the workshop. Cost $25

When: Saturday, March 21, 2020 from 1-2:30 pm Description: In this workshop with Aniko os Wild Origins we will learn about using herbal teas, baths, natural "candies," and oils to ease our kids through the bruises, rashes, colds, and lovely diarrhea bouts of childhood. So many of these everyday issues are surprisingly easy to manage with a few key herbs that are easily grown in your home garden. We will taste and learn about these herbs and discuss a few simple (and tasty) ways of using them. Everyone will take home some herbal recipes and together we will make a blend of soothing herbs to use in our kids' baths when they don't feel well. Cost $25

When: Saturday, April 11, 2020 from 1-2:30 pm

Description In this hands on workshop with Aniko of Wild Origins we will learn simple, herbal approaches for a variety of skin concerns. We will touch on the benefits of body oiling, how to safely spend time in the sun with the protection of plants, and how to manage everyday skin issues like dryness, acne, eczema, oiliness, and combination skin, with a few simple ingredients. We will also talk about alternatives to our overzealous skin care practices and how to use oils, plants, water, and clay to nourish, balance, and heal the skin. The workshop will end with us each formulating an 8 oz jar of herbal oil to take home. Cost $35

Interested in more classes at the Ohio Herb Center? Check out our class offerings on our classes page, or follow us on Facebook!

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