Unique Herbal Experiences

Located in the heart of Gahanna, Ohio--just minutes from the hustle and bustle of downtown Columbus, The Ohio Herb Center celebrates all-things-herbal year-round! Managed by Visit Gahanna,The Ohio Herb Center showcases the city's status as the Herb Capital of Ohio, with classes, herb walks, hands-on workshops, and a gift shop filled with herb-inspired treasures (including soaps, bath and grooming products, teas, books, dried herbs and more. Check out our list of classes or let us customize a workshop for your group.


Attendees of our workshops have said they "loved learning about herbs" and found our presentations "very informative."

Make a day (or a weekend) of visiting The Ohio Herb Center and Gahanna. Go to VisitGahanna.com for a list of local restaurants, attractions, hotels and special events. 

Herb Talks

Teas, Tonics & Elixirs

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Sometimes the right combination of herbs and liquids can create a not only a healthy drink but a tasty beverage too. This class will simplify the complex art of brewing herbal teas. Learn new techniques like infusions and decoctions; understand what makes a tonic different than a tea and when to brew one or the other. Discover the allure surrounding elixirs.

Thyme for Fun in the Kitchen


Herbs can be the signature part of a culinary experience with their sweet, tart, and pungent flavors. Discover the fun facts about popular kitchen blends such as Herbs de Provence. Learn new ways to enhance every day recipes with herbals salts, sugars, butters and simple syrups. Participants come away inspired to create their own culinary creations using herbs.

Cleaning – The Herbal Way


Receive herbal “eco friendly” ideas for cleaning your home. Natural cleaning products made right in your own home provide better indoor air quality, greatly reduce the use of toxic products, and help save money. Learn how to make your own home-made soft scrub, herbal laundry aids, window cleaner, and herbal air fresheners.

The Symbolic Language of Herbs


Floriography, the language of flowers, was a practice that focused specific meanings and messages in the arrangement and with particular flowers and herbs. We will discuss the history of this practice and how it has been transformed through the ages, particularly by the Victorian era. Learn the secret messages of some of our favorite garden herbs.

Hands-on Herb Craft


This hands-on craft allows participants to experience how easy it is to incorporate herbs into a simple take home product. Each craft is themed to match the related experiential workshop.

Contact the Herb Center at 614.642-HERB.

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An Herb Shop Dedicated
to All Things Herbal

The Ohio Herb Center gift shop has that unique gift for the herb lover in your life. Inside you will find local honeys, custom selected teas, custom scented candles, tea presses and tea accessories. Our books are a selection of great resources on herb gardening, cooking, and herb craft.


Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 4 PM


 The Ohio Herb Center gift shop carries products by many different vendors. Some of these include:
Linden Tree Herbals, Jeanne Wildherb, Urban Moonshine, Thyme Herbal, Botanical Arts Press, Staghorn Herbs, Rosebud’s Ranch and Garden, Root 23, Honey Grove Botanicals, Microcosm Publishing, Storey Publishing, Herbal Sage and Storehouse Tea. Stop in to our shop at 110 Mill St. to shop our great selection of herbal products, books and more! 


We are always looking for volunteers to help us around the gardens at the Ohio Herb Center. If you're interested in volunteering with us, please fill out this Google Form and we will be in touch.