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About the Ohio Herb Center


One of the Herb Capital of Ohio’s BEST assets is located in the heart of Gahanna! The Ohio Herb Center is the perfect place to experience the world of herbs – gardening, culinary, aromatic, health and wellness. The Nafzger-Miller house (110 Mill St. Gahanna, Ohio 43230), is home to the Herb Center. It is listed in the National Register of Historical Places, with the earliest part of the house dating to 1855. Take a class or workshop on a variety of classes, ranging from Tea Blending and DIY Herbal Cosmetics to Thrifty Herbal Homecare. Or rent the center for a small meeting, baby or wedding shower or group event. Call 614/642-HERB to learn more. 

Meet the Staff


Amanda Ferguson / Ohio Herb Center Coordinator
Amanda’s experience with herbs started in 1996 after she read Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Healing for Women. In 1997 she decided to start making soap after her daughter wasn’t able to use commercial soap. That put her on a path to start her own small soap-making business. She also started to study essential oils and their uses--which she has continued for 20 years. Currently she is taking courses through the New York School of Aromatic Studies and is the instructor for the DIY Series at The Ohio Herb Center.


Amanda has extensive herb gardens at home and loves spending time in the garden. As an outdoor enthusiast, she is also interested in plant ID, taking classes on Native Medicinal Plants at Rural Action and United Plant Savers. Amanda is a Certified Ohio Pollinator Advocate, has raised/released monarchs and swallowtail butterflies. She loves to talk and teach about the insects that come to our gardens. When she is not teaching classes at The Ohio Herb Center, you can find Amanda on the trail, camping, and researching local flora and fauna.

Rae DiPaolo / Ohio Herb Center Coordinator
Rae’s interest in herbalism began with hanging bundles of lemon balm in her parent’s screenhouse to use for tea in the summertime. Ever since then, she has expanded her education in herbalism for over five years with an ever-growing curiosity. Rae can be found whipping up new creations for her online herbal shop, Oracle Botanical, or hiking the many nature trails of Ohio to identify native plants. Rae enjoys reading as many books as possible on herbalism and is happy to recommend good reads to those who visit the Ohio Herb Center. 


Our Mission:  The Ohio Herb Center strives to offer a place where people can learn to incorporate herbs into their daily lives to enhance wellness and well being.  Whether you are looking for new culinary twists, in-depth gardening advice, wellness information or ideas on how to use your herbs, we offer programs that inspire you to try something new. The Ohio Herb Center is operated and managed by Visit Gahanna (The Gahanna Ohio Convention & Visitors Bureau).

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