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Create A Perfect Valentines Gift with Sarah Clement from Jeanne Wildherb Botanicals

Love a great hands-on project? Looking for something unique to give your Valentine this year? Create your own elegantly wrapped skincare made from luxurious emollient shea butter and roses, exfoliating salts and lavender. Sarah Clement, owner of Jeanne Wildherb Botanicals, will be hosting a class at the Herb Center at 1pm Saturday, January 25, called “Valentine Gift Makers: Salty Butter Scrubs.” We had the opportunity to learn more about Sarah Clement and her mission to inspire others to rekindle their relationships with plants during a recent interview:

What is the name of your business?

What do you specialize in?

Herbal products such as:

  • Teas for wellness, stress and sleep

  • Salves for dry skin, sore muscles and sleep

  • Educational makers' workshops (simple home remedies)

  • Educational classes in herbalism (family wellness, seasonal wellness, musculoskeletal wellness, nervines)

How did your passion for this come about?

I grew up in nature, learning from experience, but pregnancy and motherhood drove me to learn more in-depth natural self and family care. My interests have grown with my family and my own life journey.

What inspired your story?

Growing people inside me and learning that taking care of myself and loving myself are as rewarding as caring for others. So, when I create a self-care product that I love, I share it. Seeing how herbs and plants as food and medicine inspire and heal, inspires and heals me. I am inspired to help others in their self-care natural wellness journeys through ecology of place.

What is your mission?

Rekindling relationships between plants and people.

Professionally, what are you most proud of?

Prize-winning sleep balm in the herbal products contest at the 2017 International Herb Symposium, and studying with leading world-renowned herbalists, naturalists, mycologists, and activists for more than 10 years.

What do you hope your customers/students/public take away?

Knowledge and empowerment

What makes your story/products unique?

My teaching process is experiential where the student and client learn to practice herbalism on their own and grow as they are ready. My high quality beverage and skincare products pave the way for interest in herbal self-care for those who needed the boost to begin their natural wellness journey.

Where can people find you/your work or products online? New Albany Farmers Market ( 2/1, 3/7)

Anything else we should know about you/ your work?

As the world changes, so do my focuses. As herbal products are well sought after, I provide them. As natural self-care interests are flourishing, I teach workshops on how to incorporate them into the daily lives of my community. As health and wellness care advance into holistic modalities, I provide care. When you are ready to embrace nature, I am here to help.

Register for Sarah’s January 25 class here! Interested in more classes at the Ohio Herb Center? Check out our class offerings on our classes page, or follow us on Facebook!

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